Finish Line No Drip Dry Combo Chain Lube
Finish Line No Drip Dry Combo Chain Lube

Finish Line No Drip Dry Combo Chain Lube

Lubricating a chain is an essential but often dreaded task. It can be time-consuming and often results in lubricant landing on the frame, wheels, braking surfaces, and the ground.

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Thanks to the No Drip Chain Luber™ every link can be properly lubricated in seconds, without making a mess or wasting a drop.


Simply fill the No Drip Chain luber™ with the lubricant of your choice. While back-pedaling, place the applicator head on the chain and squeeze the bottle. A wicking pad in the applicator head will ensure that every link is evenly coated, without lube dripping or flying all over the place. Saves time, saves money; uses 50% less lube each time you lubricate your chain (ca. 3ml each lubrication). One pad can be used at least 25 times.

The Finish Line Dry Lube lubricant is perfect for on or off-road riding - especially in dry, dirty, dusty conditions, while still providing adequate wet weather performance.

The No Drip Chain Luber™ Combo 120ml Teflon Dry Lube comes with two replacement wicking pads, a child-safety travel cap and one bottle of 120ml Dry Lube.

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